• Lead Paint Mitigation

    Lead paint has become a serious concern for homeowners. The paint was used in homes up until 1978 and is still used in many household items such as vinyl blinds, which are made outside the United States. Lead dust is the major problem associated with lead based paint.

    Lead Paint Remedy Options


    Encapsulation - This is the most affordable method, the process involves brushing or rolling on a specially made paint-like coating that creates a watertight bond and seals in the lead-based paint. However, the coating may wear off after repeatedly opening doors.


    Enclosure - When you use this method, the old painted surface is covered with a new one, such as covering window sills with aluminum or vinyl. If the enclosed surface is removed, you will then have to deal with the exposed lead surfaces underneath.


    Removal - There are now numerous ways to remove lead-based paints, such as wire brushing or liquid paint removers. You could also use an electric sander equipped with a HEPA filtered vacuum. You can also strip off paint with a low-temp heat gun.


    Replacement - While an obvious choice, it requires you to take out all affected surfaces or features and install new doors, windows, woodwork and other features.