• Interior painting

    Home Transformations offers a wide variety of interior painting services, providing a seamless experience and exceptional results for every home. No matter the size of your home, Home Transformations' crews approaches each project uniquely with an eye for detail.


    Our crew can be deployed rapidly, if you have a project that has a short deadline. Our crews will work extended hours, move and cover all furniture and decor, perform minor related repairs and deliver fast and professional results. Our crews are of good character and excellent painters. We guarantee they are non-smokers, respectful and punctual, protective of your home, exceptional at their work.

    For each project, they follow a set of steps in order to ensure each project is done quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.


    Our crews will move your furniture and other room decor into the center of the room, covered with a new plastic sheeting. Our crews will also protect all of your flooring with our drop cloths.


    Our painting crew will fill any holes and cracks in any of your walls and ceilings, seal any stain and finally scuff sand any other necessary surfaces.


    Once our crew have primed the area, they will apply your chosen color premium-quality paint to create a uniform look.


    When our crew has finishing your painting project, they will remove all their materials. They will then vacuum and sweep your floors and carpets, and return your furniture and decor back to where it belongs.


    Upon completion, the project supervisor will give you a tour of the space and allow you to provide any feedback you may have.


    Along with following these steps, we can guarantee you that every crew leader and manager is a certified “renovator” under the EPA Lead Safety Rule. You can count on our expertise to protect your family and property, every step of the way.