• Faux Finishing

    Faux finishing is a painting style that combines paints with glazes to give your walls a rustic look. Home Transformations faux finishing service starts with a concise explanation of the faux finishing process. One of the popular types of faux finishing services is color washing. Home Transformations has been providing faux finishing to residential homes for many years.

    Home Transformations offers a variety of unique faux finishes that include: graduated painting, solid and washed striping, smooth and polished fresco, color washing, layering and distressed finishes and dry brushing. Home Transformations crews are ready to tackle any project you have.


    When done properly, adding a faux finish to any room, wall or feature will add character, depth, style and richness. Some common faux finished areas in residential homes include bathrooms, dens, libraries, accent walls and architectural features. Faux finishing is a challenge and it takes experience, proper tools and an artistic eye to create a faux finish that looks unique and natural.


    Choosing Home Transformations experienced crews to create a unique faux finish in your home takes the guesswork out of accomplishing your faux finish project. With every project that Home Transformations provides, they also offer a 5 year warranty and they also provide a $200 scheduling guarantee to protect you against a “no show” experience.


    Home Transformations provides crews that are of good character and excellent painters. They are respectful, punctual and protective of your home and surrounding. Each crew includes a crew leader who is EPA lead-safe certified. Home Transformations can also complete any project on a tight timeline. The crews are ready to work extended hours to meet any timeline that you have. Home Transformations will deliver fast and professional results and before leaving will clean up the work site with HEPA filter vacuums. Home Transformations offers a fair price based on integrity and clarity.