• Deck Cleaning and Staining

    Home Transformations takes pride in their ability to transform worn-out, beat up wooden decks into stylish home additions, that they once were. With Home Transformations’ deck cleaning and staining, you will now have the freedom to bring your families and friends back to your home for barbecues during those hot summer days.

    Deck Basics
    When you ignore your deck, wood will wear down and rot. Sunlight steals the deck of its beautiful color, and the snow and rain leave it tired looking and unappealing. Our crews are professionals and will take delicate care of your precious deck’s wooden surfaces while thoroughly cleaning them.


    How We Clean
    Our crews use a product that coats the deck surfaces and lifts the dirt and debris from the wood. The cleaning agent also loosens brittle wood fibers from the top layer of your deck. The cleaning agent is gently washed away, take dirt and the old beat up wood fibers with it and leaving behind a clean, strong wood deck.


    While your deck may look nice, it still needs to be protected from the UV rays and the foul weather that will come. That is why we finish up the process of cleaning and staining by treating the whole deck with a protective finish that soaks into the wood and seals pores, keeping dirt and stains out of the wood. Our sealant will extend the live of your revitalized deck and brought the beauty of it back to life.


    When it comes to deck cleaning and staining, Homes Transformations’ crew is here to turn your lifeless deck back to a work of art. Our crew’s process is the best way to turn your beat up deck into a thing of beauty, leaving you satisfied and happy. Homes Transformation is ready to tackle any size deck.